Vote with your wallet

I’m reading sites like Ethical Consumer in a bid to educate myself in making good choices and be better especially when buying tech or generally consuming. At the same time I see billionaires spending their (our) money on wasteful endeavours to get into space, not focussing on our issues here on Earth and ignoring it’s (in the case of Amazon) many workers rights issues. I won’t go into how little tax these companies also pay but that’s a story for someone better informed on it than I am.

This got me thinking that as hard as it is sometimes the only power I have is to vote with my wallet. If I don’t like something about the company or the direction it’s headed I’m no longer supporting them through their products.

I cancelled Amazon Prime a long time ago and am making a concerted effort to buy local or from smaller retailers. In doing this I also found that I’m spending less, it takes a bit more effort to find and that gives me headspace to actually reconsider if I need it. I no longer want to put money into Amazon, so I’m voting with my wallet. This is a very personal choice and you need to decide for yourself who you want to support.

A big area (for me) is obviously technology. The best way for me to be a bit better is to hold onto my devices as long as possible. The year on year gains of say an iPhone aren’t worth a year on year upgrade. I’m seeing that now I’ve stepped back a bit and went for an older iPhone 11. The real day to day makes little difference if you’re using the latest greatest compared to a 2 or 3 year old phone. Pick what’s important to you, find a device and stick to it as long as you can. For example for me it’s great battery, a nice screen and good cameras – the iPhone 11 fulfils all of this for me.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this post to be honest but I’m trying to be more mindful about what I’m consuming and trying to be better to this planet we live on. Maybe I’m hoping you’ll take a read of the site I linked to about the companies you use and if you want to support them going forward or like many an Apple fan like me decide if you actually need to purchase everything they release.