Giving the iPhone Mini an LCD to create the SE 3

I’ve been thinking about where the Mini fits in having tested one a little while ago. There are lots of rumours that indicate this years model will be it’s last appearance and that makes me sad. I loved the form factor but my eyes just didn’t get on well with the OLED used.

This got me thinking about whether Apple could reduce the size of the LCD used in the iPhone 11 (that’s still great) and put that in there instead. Thus reducing the price and meaning those sensitive to the OLED screen technology can use it.

It wouldn’t suddenly mean it sold like hot cakes but if they could do this and set a £429 starting price then I feel they would be onto a winner, even better at £399.

The 5 and SE is a great form factor and the first thing the Mini reminded me of (especially in white) was those phones. It weighed almost nothing and was a joy to use in one hand and pocket. If I could have gotten on with the OLED I’m sure it’s what I’d be typing this on now.

This is a pipe dream but I like to imagine it. Imagine the SE 3 with the chassis of the Mini with the screen of the 11 at around £400. Coming in the iMac colours, wow an SE 3 in orange – yes please.

What do you think?

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