Where does the iPad fit in for me in 2021?

Over the years I’ve swapped between the iPad and a Mac for which one is my main device. I’ve used pretty much all of the iPad models and owned several MacBooks. With a shift in priorities and the need for a more flexible machine I’ve changed where the iPad fits into my daily use.

My iPad of choice is the latest iPad Mini, which I use with it’s Smart Cover and Logitech crayon. I also have an iPhone 11 and MacBook Air (M1).

What I’ve found this year is that since getting the larger screened iPhone 11 I’m using my iPad Mini less. It’s just always with me and easily accessible. I use the iPad Mini now for about 20% of the time in my week. Maybe to read a magazine or look at my RSS but I’ve found it’s use has dropped off.

I needed to switch back to a MacBook with the demands of freelance and job searching and I’ve gotten used to just having it around on the living room table. My MacBook Air and previous MacBook are both thin and light and give me what I need. My iPhone seems to have taken up the use that my iPad had.

I had high hopes for iPadOS 15 before I bought the Air but for me it just hasn’t got me excited to use the iPad more and therefore I’ve stuck with this use above.

So I use the MacBook Air and iPhone 11 with my iPad Mini being used maybe 20% of the time.

It’s surprising to me that I’m using it so little these days but for me right now it’s not a device I’m going to grab to use automatically anymore.

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