Don’t buy F1 2021

It’s not often I write much about F1 or gaming really but I feel that I needed to try to save you some money with the recent F1 2021 release. I picked this up on the Xbox Series X and thankfully with Microsoft’s great customer service I have now been refunded.

If you want to play an F1 game on the Xbox, get F1 2019 via Game pass as part of your subscription.

In my time with it, here’s a few thoughts:

  • Console freezing when watching race replays, needing a complete power down to resolve
  • Being pushed to get PitCoins on every launch of the game, this is their in app purchases for the game (thanks EA), yes I’m aware this was there before but I don’t recall them being pushed in my face so much
  • I played on the Series X on a 4K HDR TV and I cant say that I really notice a difference in play, not the step up in graphics that I expected
  • I enjoyed the quick load times, but you get this on F1 2019 if you have a new console
  • The new engine noises are great

Whilst it’s nice to see the new line ups and car models I can’t recommend you buying this over just using F1 2019 via game pass if you want an F1 console fix.