Apple News is the reason I cancelled Apple One

I’ve been playing around with some of the various subscription options within the Apple One bundle. To my surprise I’m enjoying Apple TV+ (currently working my way through Mythic Quest), I enjoy Apple Music, Arcade is just ok, Fitness+ is an Apple Watch seller (in a good way) but I can’t continue with it for one reason – Apple News.

I was enthusiastic about starting to use my iPad to read magazines but the app at this point seems worse than Twitter at trying to shove News I don’t want to see at me.

The magazine section is pretty good but no matter what settings I try I cannot remove the Today section with it’s top stories.

I’ve enabled the ‘Restrict stories’ option in settings but it keeps coming back. It’s ignoring my setting and showing my mainstream news which I don’t want to see. It’s also got a Special Coverage section that I can’t get rid of. I know I can try to ignore this but when I’m looking at a budget I’m not getting value for money on an app that is actively trying to show me news I have specifically told it not to.

I’m not sure if this buggy software or a push from the news team but until this works consistently and adheres to my system setting I’m out.