Breaking the Twitter habit

Last week I wrote about keeping social media in your browser, it’s something I did that week and realised today it’s something that I’ve stuck to. In fact now I’m days in, checking Twitter when I unlock my phone isn’t even something I’m thinking about.

I think I’ve broken my habit of unlocking, checking my feed then closing again. I didn’t do this all day but in moments of quiet I’d find that it had become a habit, autopilot.

With me switching to the browser and also going back to Big Sur on my MacBook Air I’ve not even logged back in.

My social interactions have been replaced with message, Signal, Slack and Discord. I don’t miss Twitter throwing trending or ads at me and I’m not seeing news that I don’t actively go seeking for.

If I’ve got something on my mind then I’ll use the WordPress app and write a little blog post instead.

If you’re wanting to curb your mobile usage of Twitter too go cold turkey. Delete the app on your phone and iPad and only check within the device browser or on your main desktop or laptop.

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