Why didn’t Apple improve the Home Screen in iOS 15?

In iOS 15 we see no updates to the way that the Home Screen looks on the iPhone. As I’ve already talked about iOS 15 is a smaller update and they concentrated on updates mainly around improving the way we can communicate on the platform.

If you got into Home Screen customisation last year then it might be a surprise we didn’t see

  • Removal of widget labels
  • Ability to change the app icon without relying on shortcuts
  • Addition of being able to see an alphabetical list of apps instead of the pretty much useless App Library we have today

For me these were the basics but we didn’t get any.

I think given the updates to iPadOS and the current climate Apple did what they could with the resources they have. They took a stance of making some updates to improve things they thought would make a difference to the large majority of users. Even though we see a lot of Home Screen customisation in our tech bubble I don’t think the general user base of iPhone even knows they can apply loads of widgets etc.

Given we got widgets on iPadOS now I think Apple made the right move this year given everything going on in the world.