More thoughts on the Xbox series X

I’ve owned the series X for almost a month now and really started to understand how the UI hangs together and had a bit more play time.

Overall I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I love this console. From it’s a quick resume (taking you straight to where you left off), quietness, fast load times and game pass I’m still playing and enjoying my time with it.

I’ve finished several games like Halo 5, which I enjoyed and gotten a lot of play out of Indies like Rain on your parade. Forza horizon 4 continues to be my most played game and I’ve moved my Star Wars Battlefront playing exclusively to the Xbox now. I’m ok levelling up again if it means I don’t have to listen to my PS4 taking off.

Only downside is the AA batteries in the controller. Depending on play time I get about 2 weeks out of a set of 2. Best to get a rechargeable battery pack for it.

My PS4 Pro hasn’t been turned on for a month and at this point it’s only going to be used for PSVR.