iOS 14 vs iOS 15

I recently put my MacBook Air back onto Big Sur after running into some iCloud Photo sync issues so also decided to drop my iPhone back to iOS 14 to get them in line. What I’m coming to realise is that iOS 15 actually is a minor release, I’d suspected this but in use it really does highlight it. I’m disappointed by the lack of updates for Home Screen customisation in iOS 15 and to me it’s an update I won’t notice in day to day.

Being back on iOS 14 doesn’t feel that different to iOS 15 in my use. The main differences I’m noticing are different notifications style and a lacking weather app. For dropping these I get my third party banking app working again, a better AirPods experience (on iOS 15 they would never pair with the right device) and a slightly faster experience.

If you’re not sure about going in with the iOS 15 beta then I’d hold off, it isn’t worth breaking anything yet.