Looking back at iOS 4

Going through an old hard drive I was able to find my Home Screen from various old iOS versions. Back in 2010 I was using an iPhone 3GS and always tended to jump on the beta releases. Here’s a few screenshots I found from iOS 4 and the beta back in 2010.

Here’s what my Home Screen looked like. Check out the icons for iPod (now music), voice memos and camera. Might be nostalgia but I love these older app icons. I’m also reminded here that I read on that small screen, see the Marvel app.

Folders also looked cool, but more character than what we see today. iOS 4 was where we got the first option to be able to use them.

Here’s what folders looked like, I loved that background being used.

We also got the first iteration of background running for audio, location and calls and a first iteration of multitasking.

Double click the home button and up this popped.

Check out the iPod app, much more intuitive in my opinion.

Ah, the Lock Screen… this is the last one I could find. iOS 4 was a pretty big release bringing the foundations of what we have today with folders and a first stab at multitasking and running audio in the background. We’ve come a long way but I do miss some of the more intuitive parts of an old iOS release, like the iPod app with it’s larger shuffle button. I’m not saying I want to go back but maybe I’d like less minimalism these days.