My 2012 iPhone Home Screen

I did some housekeeping yesterday going through old external hard drives making sure I had everything I needed from them before erasing to reuse. I found quite a lot of screen shots from when I started the switch to writing about technology from previously writing about guitars.

I came across my 2012 Home Screen, which I think would have come from my iPhone 3G. Very interesting to see how many apps I had back then and how my habits have changed where I’m using it less nowadays.

There’s also a nice reminder of how great both the folders look was and some of the old app icons, I still prefer the old Photos and Safari.

I can’t believe I had so many news apps installed, I hardly check it these days.

  • I left Evernote quite a while ago, the app nagging got to me and Apple sorted out their notes app so I switched
  • I used to play a lot of games on my iPhone, I play none now
  • I used to use Facebook, deleted my account quite a few years ago now and so glad I did
  • Wow, I’ve been using Day One for almost 10 years!
  • I prefer the old style black bar at the top and now I’m reminded how strange the notch is in modern phones
  • Even back then I was trying to stick to reminders, I’m on Todoist now

It’s been nice finding these and I’ll share more as I find any interesting stuff to talk about with them.