Casio G-Shock 5600 Music Night Tokyo (YOSHIROTTEN edition)

I’m a big watch fan and am especially fond of Casio, I’ve written about them here before and owned lots of them during my time watch collecting. I’ve just received my G-Shock 5600 Music Night Tokyo edition and wow I love it already. This is a collaboration between G-Shock and Yoshirotten and might be my perfect G-Shock.

I’ve used the 5610 before but never owned a 5600, based on the original model. I found the 5610 to be a really great daily wear but found the colours a little boring if I’m honest.

There’s none of that with this model, grey with orange text and green laser graphics on the LCD, which I’m pleased to report don’t get in the way and it’s easy to read the time on this model.

On the wrist I actually find the band a little softer than the 5610 so I think it’ll work out being more comfortable.

Very pleased with this colour combo and pleasantly surprised with how much more comfortable the band is over the 5610.

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