Using the iOS 15 beta on the iPhone 11

With the public beta of iOS 15 now available you’ll see me talking more about my thoughts on the new OS here on my blog. I’ve been using it since beta 1 last month and I’ve got a few thoughts around running it on the iPhone 11.

First off with beta 2 I’m not seeing a huge difference with performance compared to iOS 14.6. I’m also not seeing a real difference in battery life. I’m running a VPN all of the time and I’m still getting through the day fine. The iPhone 11 packs a nice big battery, which of course helps.

I’m not noticing any show stopping bugs and it’s one of the most stable beta releases I can remember.

The iPhone 11 is still a great phone and as you’d imagine for a 3 year old device it may be slowing down but nope all good. I actually think the iPhone 11 is the best value smartphone in 2021.

The only bit of missing functionality I’m seeing is in photo identification. I can take text out of an image ok but it’s not identifying objects, I thought the iPhone 11 would be supported but apparent not. I don’t have any other devices to test this on but certainly for me it doesn’t work.

Overall I don’t have any complaints about running iOS 15 beta on the iPhone 11.

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