The first games to play on your Xbox Series X

I’m absolutely loving the Xbox Series X so far and as someone coming from PlayStation I wanted to share some of the games I have enjoyed playing.

I wanted to find games that were part of game pass, something I’d not played for a while or ever and if I could, something that took advantage of the powerful series X.

Here’s the list

  • The Medium: very early Resident Evil vibes, looks amazing and is really innovative
  • Forza Horizon 4: great fun and lots of things to do. Sandboxed driving game with loads of customisation and racing types. I’m surprised how much I’m loving this having only really been into F1 and Gran Turismo in the past
  • Halo MCC: it’s a big download of over 100GB but you really have to play through this great franchise. I’m on 4 at the moment having played the previous instalments on my old Xbox years ago. Online multiplayer is also fun but I’m not doing great at it right now with all of my Star Wars Battlefront muscle memory
  • Minecraft Dungeons: good family fun and looks great
  • No Man’s Sky: wow, what a step up from PS4. I’m used to playing this with stutter, long load times and a loud fan. None of this one Xbox. It looks gorgeous, load time is minimal and there’s no sign of stutter or fan noise

I’m also discovering worm great indies and new titles all of the time with game pass. I’ll post more on the indies I’m playing soon along with impressions on new game pass titles.