How to fix Safari in iOS 15

I’m seeing very mixed feedback on Safari in iOS 15 beta 1. Some seem to really hate it, I’m somewhere in the middle. I like elements of it like pull to reload the page and the tab groups but I find I’m hunting around to close a tab or hitting a link on the loaded page instead of the site name entry to go somewhere else.

Thankfully I have a fix, I use the DuckDuckGo browser and it retains the fundamentals of a web browser with some cool privacy additions.

I’ll say straight away though whilst it hides ads it doesn’t hide your IP like Safari is doing so you’ll still need a VPN if you want to mask this.

It’s a clean browsing experience and even offers a nice way to see the tabs you have open.

It’s come on a lot but would be perfect with

  • Tab groups
  • Bookmark sync across devices
  • Built in VPN or way to at least hide IP

It’s a genuine competitor to any of the alternative browsers out there.