First impressions with the Xbox Series X

I’ve been looking at a next generation console for a while now, my PS4 Pro still works but sounds like a plane taking off and I was curious to see what was on offer in a new console. As you’ll most likely know stock has been almost non existent but when I cobbled together some money from Christmas and birthday presents and just so happened to see a series X in stock in my local town I decided to go for it.

I guess the first question you may ask is why I went for this instead of a PS5. I’ll answer this in the post but generally I don’t see a step up from my PS4 Pro right now plus the games are expensive. All I’d be doing is paying all that money just to have a quieter machine.


Setup was painless using the Xbox app on iOS. I was already signed into my account so just needed to add my new console and follow the instructions. Took about 20 minutes to get it set up.

Game pass is a system seller

This was a major reason for me choosing the Xbox. I don’t have the money to spend upwards of £60 on a game but at my initial £1 for 3 months and £10 after then this was a great way for me to play. I’m able to play a load of games I’d never played before (shout out to Forza Horizon 4, great game) and play games like Halo Infinite and Flight Simulator on Day 1. There’s over 100 games from indie to EA Star Wars titles to choose from and it’s lived up to my expectations so far.

It’s a quiet machine

I don’t feel like I’ve played anything truly next generation like Flight simulation yet but have played great looking optimised for Series X games like FIFA and I haven’t heard the fan come on yet. It’s refreshing to be able to game with lower volume levels again, my PS4 is so loud I can’t use it before 6am if I’m awake early and even when I can it drowns out the TV. The sound generated from the series X is pretty much non existent so far.

Downloading games vs PS4

Downloading games took a bit to get used to coming from PS4. On PS4 you can download multiple games at the same time but Xbox does one at a time via a queue system. I left the console on overnight to download the set of games I wanted to play. Depending on your internet connection you may need to wait a couple of days before you can fully enjoy your new system.

Load times are pretty much gone

I’ve played games from indies and big studios and the load times are so small I’m not even thinking about them. Quick resume gets you straight back into a game where you left off and I can’t think of a time I’m really watching a load screen for much time at all.

Inconsistent HDR

I’m running it on an LG OLED that supports 4K and HDR. I’m using the cable supplied with the Xbox but for some reason Forza Horizon 4 isn’t working in HDR but all of the other titles are, it’s a strange one. Not a big problem but thought I’d mention it just in case someone has come across it themselves.

Overall thoughts

I have no regrets picking up the Series X. It’s quiet, quick and offers me a load of games on tap that I’m paying for in an affordable subscription platform. I’m still getting used to the menu system and controller but that’ll come but overall I’m really impressed.