Should you install iOS 15 Beta 1?

As someone that likes to tinker with the latest and greatest I always tend to be honest with myself and know that I’ll end up most probably ruining my daily devices with the beta. I’m glad to report that iOS 15 Beta 1 (at least on my iPhone 11) is one of the best first beta releases I can remember.

I am finding that any performance degradation is negligible and that in my experience I am actually getting better battery performance than iOS 14.6!

Be careful if you rely on third party apps day to day E.g. a lot of banking apps tend not work on the beta for a bit.

I am going to write up a post on my thoughts on iOS 15 later on but for now if you are on the fence about using the beta, as long as you have a back up and you don’t reply on any third party apps then go for it.