M1 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Pro

Straight off the bat the first thing I was glad to get back was my physical function row keys. I’d struggled with the Touch Bar a lot and having quick access to volume etc is great. The only thing I miss is the loss of the launchpad button, which I used to launch apps all of the time.

In terms of performance I have to say for my use (Mail, Safari, Ulysses, Todoist, Logic Pro and music) I’ve noticed no difference between this base model and the 16GB Pro that I had used previously. If I get into video at some point maybe I’ll see some but for my use I’m happy to see that the Air is still super fast in day to day.

The next difference I noticed was the smaller trackpad on the Air. It has a less glassy feel than the Pro and I think it’s less clicky sounding, which I like.

The screen is apparently dimmer looking at the specs but I don’t notice a difference in my use.

At the moment I’m finalising my writing set up and all of the background iCloud sync is taking place but like I say it’s super fast and I’m not noticing any slow down.

So far I’m loving the Air and the £600 saving I’ve made over the previously owned Pro makes the £899 (current prices) Air look like a bargain right now.

Just as an aside we’re talking iPad money here and I get a keyboard and trackpad along with it too. I can really see why these M1 Airs and Mac Minis must be selling like hot cakes.

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