Installing iOS 15

It’s that time of year when a lot of us early adopters take the plunge and throw the first beta of iOS 15 onto our main phone and then (mostly) instantly regret it. It’s great to be able to test it out but it comes with a lot of downsides.

  • The performance of your device will be slower
  • It’ll most likely run hotter
  • The battery won’t last as long
  • Your favourite third party apps will most likely be buggy
  • You may lose data (including any Watch activity history)

It’s a big risk but as long as you know this going in then it’s fun to be able to play with the new version early and raise bugs with Apple.

You need to have a developer account or be invited by Apple into the early preview program to use iOS 15. There are other ways but I can’t in good conscience recommend downloading the profile from a third party site. I don’t know enough about the history of some of these sites but personally I wouldn’t trust it with my data. If you can wait a month or so then you can join the public beta and get the proper profile.

You also need to consider the update itself. If it’s a slow year then there’s little point in potentially ruining your device just to be able to play around with it. Last year with iOS 14 and widgets was an example of a big change on iPhone and one I wanted to play with but this year I’m not expecting a bit update so you might want to hold off.