WWDC: Mental health and the Apple Watch

This looks an interesting new addition to the Apple Watch and a welcome one, especially right now. As someone that has their own struggles with mental health it’s a positive start to the last minute WWDC rumours. Personally I’ve found the Apple Watch to be both a positive and negative on my own wellbeing. The positive is the motivation to move and the breath app on tap to help with mini meditations throughout the day. The negative is having access to a wealth of health data on tap when I’m feeling my most vulnerable.

I’m choosing to use it for positive right now and seeing this new ‘Mind’ app coming is something that I’m glad to see. I’d hope it’s something like a Fitbit where it’s monitoring your stress levels rather than kind of a tips app. Using HRV it could check and suggest for you to do some breathing. Even better would be the addition of a simple guided meditation that gives those on a budget a good option rather than paying for a service like Calm or Headspace. It’s got to be something proactive, not something users need to seek out.

Looks like the last minute leaks gave started.