What will we see in macOS at WWDC 2021?

I’m finishing up my thoughts on WWDC with macOS. The last update was a big one with sweeping UI changes and some bold choices making some of macOS look like it’s almost ready for a touch screen.

On the whole I enjoy using macOS Big Sur and for me this I want a bug fix and performance improvement kind of year.

macOS does everything I need it to in terms of letting me do my job searching and be creative. I’m not using the OS and wishing for more functionality like I do on iPad. It’s not obvious to me what needs to change.

The core of the OS is great and like I say, hoping for bug fixes and performance improvements.

It’s in the apps like Reminders and Mail that need some work, not macOS itself.

It’s time for Apple to decouple it’s own apps from macOS (and iOS) and put them in the store to stand on their own with their own dedicated teams giving us regular updates.

This’ll be the ideal for me. No major macOS changes but the apps get useful updates.