Apple Watch setup

I’ve been back using the Apple Watch and I thought I’d share my setup with you. First off I will say that I’m still not completely satisfied with the face options we have, like my wallpaper I switch around a lot. I’m not sure if that’s just the way I am or the watch face options. I suspect even if we had third party watch faces I’d still be swapping and changing things on a daily basis.

I tend to switch between a couple of digital and an analogue.

This is the one that I use most of the time – infograph modular.

  • Date
  • Moon phase (just because I love space)
  • Events
  • Activity
  • Timer
  • Temperature

Next is Activity digital. I find this the easiest to read when the always on display is active. Pretty simple with just temp and date.

Lastly is the GMT. I love traditional watches (it’s the reason I tend to have breaks from Apple Watch) and this one is the best I’ve found. You can see I still use weather and timer for my complications.

I find with the Apple Watch setup I’m constantly fiddling with it, never quite settling.

What watch face do you use?