watchOS at WWDC

I’ve been using the Apple Watch a lot more recently in a bid to improve my fitness and have a few thoughts on what I’d like to see in the next update.

Third party watch faces aren’t coming

I’m going to finally stop wanting third party watch faces, I don’t see them coming at all. Sorry for starting off negative on this one. I don’t see Apple wanting to deal with the constant copyright claims from the likes of Omega and the watch faces are part of the Apple Watch identity now so I see Apple wanting complete control.

Show me the timer or stopwatch all of the time

It’s always on for series 5 and 6 so it’s strange that when I run a timer I lose the info. My timer is replaced with the time, I then have to tap the screen to see the timer. Please Apple leave the timer on the screen.

Separate Fitness+ from the fitness app

I’m enjoying Fitness+ but it would feel less like a pressure sale from Apple if they took it into it’s own app like on the Apple TV.

It’s a small list

Yes, I’m using the watch almost daily and I feel it’s not far off done to me. Interactions are quick and for the most part it’s intuitive.

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