iPadOS 15 at WWDC

We aren’t far away now from knowing what’s in store for the iPad at WWDC so I wanted to share some of my thoughts on what I’d like to see.

Proper external monitor support

When I used the 2020 iPad Pro as my main device I had a nice 32” widescreen monitor that I used for my work laptop. I was disappointed to see that when I plugged my iPad into the USB-C hub that it had black bars on the left and right side of the screen. It was like going back in time, I want to see the iPad in it’s full screen goodness on an external display.

Make use of the Home Screen space

iOS 14 was great with it’s widgets but the way it’s shown on iPadOS is pretty basic. Let’s see widgets anywhere like on the iPhone Home Screen.

Make it great for podcasting

It’s frustrating if you’re into podcasting and want to use an iPad. You can’t do it with other people unless you hook up some elaborate setup. Let’s see, like macOS the ability to talk and record on the same device.

Bring Finder

Files is ok but has it’s limitations like for me being confident it’s working in the background when copying large files. To be honest I tend not to use it that much to copy stuff I tend to only use it for moving files around or as the UI for picking files in Safari for uploading to places.

Better mouse support

I’d like options to configure my mouse buttons if I have more than one. So one for home, one maybe to launch a shortcut etc.

Pro apps

Final Cut, Logic Pro? There’s no excuse now we have an M1 iPad.

In general

With the introduction of M1 based iPad Pro models I want to see more of a focus on the Pro using an iPad. I know it’s easy to say but Apple need to show real commitment to the platform this year. I’m also in the market for a new machine and I’d love it to be an iPad with a fancy new OS.