The only reason to get a PS5

I’ve been playing my PS4 Pro pretty much every day since owning one at launch and as time has gone on there’s one thing that bothers me about it – the noise.

I was thinking about this whilst playing some Star Wars Battlefront II and realising how loud I had the sound bar just to hear it.

I’ve taken the top off it and cleaned it out but it still sounds like a jet engine whenever it’s on. The only games I play that don’t seem to set it off are Minecraft and Fall Guys. Even when you have a game paused or you’re at the menu with one running in the background the fan is running at full speed on mine.

Not that you can get a PS5 right now but I’ve come to the conclusion the only selling point of the new console for me is a quiet gaming experience. It’s not the graphics or available games (not many I can’t play on PS4) it’s just this one simple reason.