Do you need a 16GB RAM iPad Pro?

When purchasing new tech you always want to look for the device that’ll last you the longest and with the 2021 iPad Pro it seemed like the one to go for was the 1TB with it’s 16GB RAM.

But this post at 9to5 seems to tell a different story. iPadOS doesn’t actually take into account this extra RAM for increasing functionality or performance of it’s apps.

iPadOS 15 has a lot to live up to based on the reviews of the iPad Pro (where a constant theme is iPadOS isn’t keeping up) and now this.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy a new iPad until we see what’s happening with iPadOS 15. Buy for what it can do now, not what it might do in a few weeks.

Unfortunately I don’t think we will get anything other than widgets as per the iPhone. I’d love to be wrong and see Finder come to iPadOS, improved audio so you can use it for podcasting, a new way to multitask and more but I just don’t see it.