Where does the iPad fit in for me?

Whilst I’ve been searching for a new device it struck me how expensive the new 12.9″ iPad Pro is now it has that amazing display and the M1.

Here’s that iPad Pro (+ keyboard) in the same configuration as my MacBook Pro with an M1, 16GB and 512GB of storage. With my refurbished this configuration is actually £200 more expensive than my MacBook Pro.

It got me thinking about where the iPad fits in now most of Apple’s devices are running the M1.

When I compared my Mac against the iPad there are some standouts that the iPad is clearly better, screen and camera. In day to day use that screen would be nice and the better camera is great for video calling. But, the Mac fits in with me better right now as I grow my skill set using Xcode and Logic Pro and do my job searching using Zoom with extra space to have notes open at the same time.

I could get away with using iPadOS when I had my day job but it’s just not enough for me now as I do a different set of workflows. I guess for me the iPad unfortunately isn’t giving me the flexibility and confidence to use it daily for work related tasks.

Where the iPad shines for me though is in the iPad Mini.

It’s the only iPad I use and I can’t say enough good things about it. It lets me browse, do my mail, learn guitar, watch video, listen to music and all on an OS I love using. It’s just not cutting that last 30% of what I need in my current situation.

iPadOS 15 has to deliver but I don’t think that we will see Logic or Xcode ever on an iPad. This is even a stronger belief that I have now after the Apple VS Epic trial. It seems clear that Apple views the iPad as the device for the average consumer. At this point I’m not even sure Apple are committed to improving iPadOS for the Pro at all.

So, for me it’s a Mac + iPad Mini.