Thoughts on Android 12

I watched most of Google I/O yesterday and in particular the bit I was looking most forward to was Android 12. As someone that has dabbled with Android in the past I am always curios to see what’s happening and was hoping it got a bit of a refresh. Not only is is good to have some choice it’s also good to keep Apple pushing iOS forward.


When iOS 14 came out with it new widgets I was also using an Android phone for work daily, it was a Samsung but did obviously have widgets. They always seemed a bit clunky and pretty basic compared to what I was seeing with some of the widgets available on iOS. I’m really pleased to see a refresh with Android 12 and if the screenshots are anything to go by these look to have followed iOS’s lead and bumped up the visuals. I love how playful they look and having some colour right now is nice, across all of our tech.

A themed look

Material You is a fascinating take on design, I love the ethos of it – especially with a focus around accessibility.

Accessibility is core to Google’s mission. We recognize that some people have ongoing accessibility needs, and others have situational needs that require UIs to adapt. Our ambition is to solve this universally—for all people, in all places. By sharing control of contrast, size, and line width, with a contextually aware system that can customize UIs in more ways than previously possible, we can tailor a UI for every user.


To me being able to customise your complete OS experience based on some core settings. I can’t talk too much about this because it’s early and Google are going to be sharing more over the summer.

Here’s a cool video that shows it better than I can explain it.

I can’t run Android 12 on my current Android device but I’d love to have a play around with the beta.