iOS Home Screen: Keeping it simple

I haven’t posted my setup for a bit so wanted to get back in the habit of sharing it as I’m switching things around.

When I look at what I’ve been using mostly I realise that I’m pretty settled now on a few key apps.


Todoist has stuck for me more than a lot of other task managers. I like the flexibility of being able to pick date or date+time for a task, that it respects my accessibility settings and the task entry is quick and easy.

Apple Notes

I’ve tried all the recent trendy apps like Craft and Obsidian but Notes does everything I need. I have folders, sub folders, can add a PDF, in line tables, handwriting and it syncs across all of my devices.


I only consume news via RSS and I’ve settled on Reeder. Now it has iCloud feed sync it really is the best for my needs.


It gets regular updates and is privacy focussed. I just want iCloud bookmark sync and it would be perfect.

Day One

I’ve been using this app for years and I try to journal daily.


I track a couple of habits with this app. Simple and intuitive, fits the bill.


My main place for keeping in touch with friends. I don’t use Twitter a lot these days and Slack has pretty much replaced my needs for a social network.

All the rest are pretty much stock Apple apps, no frills and fits my needs. Keeping it simple is where I’m at right now.