iOS 15

It’s that time of year again where I look at the improvements I’d like to see in the next version of iOS. iOS 14 was a really great release and I want Apple to build on its stability with just a few tweaks here and there.

First up is the App Library. It’s way too easy to lose where apps are located and I’m constantly looking for where the app landed and in which folder. I’d like the option of just using the alphabetical list of apps instead. You can get this already by swiping down when you are in the app library but as with the Apple Watch I’d like a preference to just be able to show me an ordered list of apps, by app name.

Now onto widgets. I love the format but I’d like to see a bit more freedom of placement. At the moment they have to be aligned with app icons. Imagine you could place them wherever you want, just like Android. Having some blank space on your Home Screen allows you see some more of your wallpaper and for me at least is a little less cramped and relaxing to look at.

Next, I’d like to be able to force them to be light or dark mode independently of the system setting. I run in light mode but I’d like my widgets to be in dark mode.

Lastly, it’s a long shot but the removal of app labels would be a nice addition to the home screen. It looks cleaner to my eyes and would be something that could be a configuration option within settings.

In my view the pinned conversations weren’t a great implementation but I like the idea. I ended up turning them off as I found they were form over function. I’m not sure about how they would redesign it but I’d suggest dropping pinned conversations completely for individual conversations and keep them just for groups. They take up a lot of space and maybe it’s just me but I found it more efficient to just see the latest message on the top of the screen.

The latest updates have a lot of potential but I feel that Apple aren’t dedicated to make any more changes for a while to this app. I’d like to see a better layout for the app on macOS and iPadOS. Seeing a 3 pane window where you could edit the details of the task would mean one less click to see the information. I don’t agree that tagging should be added or anything over complicated but just some quality improvements.

This would be a bold move but I’d like Apple to offer a built in VPN. This would include their own DNS server. ISP’s wouldn’t be happy but it would reinforce Apple’s commitment to privacy.


At this point I’m struggling to think of new things to add to iOS, it’s got most of what makes some parts of Android cool to me, widgets were a big addition last year for this. The stability and performance of iOS has been much improved over the iOS 13 issues and I want to see that core ideal remain. Mobile platforms to me have all settled down nicely and iOS and Android really aren’t that far apart in terms of a feature set. I don’t see anything really when I use Android that I would like to see on iOS, I know there is always mention of Notifications but for how I use the iPhone I’m good with how they are now. Maybe I don’t get enough or have my settings dialled in so that my device is a little quieter but the functionality I see from Apple is already good for me.

What would you like to see?