The iPhone 11 is my favourite iPhone

I’ve been using the iPhone 11 128GB Product(RED) for around 3 months and I think it might be my favourite iPhone ever. I’ve come to realise that you don’t need the latest and greatest and the most important aspect is to pick one that fits best with you.

If you had told me that I’d be happier with a phone both larger and heavier than my 11 Pro I wouldn’t have believed you but I’m sold on this form factor.

First off I don’t use a case and the bold colour looks new to me and the glossy back is nice to hold onto.

The screen is perfect for me, I don’t need OLED really and knowing this LCD is flicker free gives me some peace of mind. It’s a bit bigger than my old Pro and I think with my ageing eyes I’m appreciating the bit of extra space.

The camera is still amazing, weirdly I don’t miss the telephoto at all. It was always the reason I got the Pro model but after all these years paying the extra for it I didn’t even need it. The telephoto isn’t great anyway as it sometimes just uses a digital zoom on the wide lens, especially indoors the images would be noisy. I find with the 11 I just move a little closer, I prefer having the ultra wide now as my second lens as I can get more interesting images.

Battery is something I don’t even think about. It was always good on the 11 Pro and the 11 is even better. I have noticed that my capacity has dropped 1% in this time vs that took about 10 months on the Pro, no big deal.

So, for a trade I wasn’t expecting to do it’s been a pleasant surprise to discover that the iPhone 11, even in 2021 is still a great device and also a great value.