If you own a 12 inch MacBook don’t update to macOS Big Sur 11.3

I don’t typically write these sorts of posts but I wanted to put out this public service announcement to anyone that like me owns a 2015/6 12″ MacBook. It’s been running fine (broken keyboard aside…) but the latest version of macOS Big Sur, 11.3 has made it unusable for me.

As soon as the update had installed and I had restarted I noticed that I was getting the dreaded beachball in a lot of apps I wouldn’t typically see it in. The main offender was Safari but also Notes and Mail. When I am doing anything now as the day has gone on it’s like walking through treacle. I’m writing up this post with a 10 second delay on each keystroke for example, fun.

I’ll do what I can to report this issue to Apple but it might be that they have moved this machine to the end of the road.