The Mac is great value for money

I’ve been in these discussions for years with friends on PC, the Mac might cost a bit more in the beginning but over time it’ll work out better value for money.

My MacBook is from 2015 and until the keyboard broke down I had 5 years use myself but overall that model went for 6. It was a little sluggish in Safari on 8GB but did the job fine on BigSur for everything else.

I’m at a point where I’m retiring the machine and selling it off as broken. Looking at eBay I should get between £200-£300 for it in it’s current state.

I paid £900 refurbished from Apple so say I get £250 that’s £650 for 5 years of use and I can put the eBay money towards a new MacBook Air or iPad Pro (not 100% decided on what I’m doing yet). I’ve been on an eBay purge so have my tech fund just not sure what to get yet.

For me a Mac will last a long time and when you’re done you can sell it on for a great price. I feel that if this was a 6 year old PC laptop with a broken keyboard I’d be taking it to the recycling centre.

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