Where I’m creating content going forward

I wanted to share some of my thoughts on where I am going to create content going forward. I’m being pulled in a lot of different directions at the moment and I only have so much capacity so I am simplifying things. This is also in response to the great response I had from my Twitter poll, showing 66% of you wanted me to keep the content on the blog.

  1. The main source of my content will remain here on my blog, supported by donations or patreon (none so far, but I’ll keep hanging in there for potential sign ups)
  2. I will continue to send out my weekly newsletter all about Star Wars, this is a free newsletter
  3. I am putting both the LJPUK Newsletter and Home Screens podcast on hold, I don’t have the capacity to do this right now with my job searching taking up the majority of my time and I cannot justify the input I’ll need to put into them. I did consider moving both of these to a paid tier and maybe I will depending on Patreon support but at the moment I cannot

I hope this makes sense, there’s only so much I can do creatively at the moment. As always thanks for reading my content and being engaged in what I’m doing.


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