Are iPhone reviews on YouTube useful?

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now but when I was looking for information on the iPhone 11 on YouTube I quickly discovered that unless you’re looking for a flagship phone YouTube information on a “standard” iPhone model isn’t as great as you might think.

Apple isn’t giving the phone to the right people

The first thing that struck me was that Apple give out the iPhone 11 and 12 to large creators with a large audience, makes sense but these are the tech users that go high end and don’t actually use the iPhone 11 much, they test the Pro. It feels like the 11 coverage was almost a throwaway comment on their Pro reviews. I can’t answer who gets one but I do feel that Apple should either separate the launches of 11 and Pro models to get a more balanced review or identify people with maybe a smaller audience that genuinely uses the 11 every day. They might even want to look outside of YouTube for new content creators.

Click bait city

YouTube to me feels like it’s lost it’s way and just a search of iPhone 11 highlighted the issue (this also happened when looking at product red Apple Watch info). The first few videos where face palming or thumbs down, the algorithm rewarding the extreme. At this point I feel the really great content is so hidden away that it doesn’t get coverage. It seems the easiest way to get clicks is to do a face palm thumbnail or a big thumbs down.

Where should you get your reviews?

There are certain sites that I trust to give a balanced view and a couple of YouTubers but I rarely go there now, it’s not the most positive experience in my opinion and I always feel worse for using it. You most probably know already which sites or reviewers you trust, just bear in mind if you’re after something that isn’t the high end model they may not be the best source.