Things I miss from macOS when using the iPad

Well, my 2015 MacBook 12″ has finally succumbed to the dreaded broken space bar problem and Apple are refusing to let me mail it in so it’s now in a drawer, leaving me with my iPad Mini as my main device. It’s a great little device and with the keyboard and mouse it makes for a nice little setup, screen size is my only issue in terms of ergonomics right now. It got me thinking though about what I’m missing from macOS now I’m back on iPadOS.

Multiple users

A long standing issue for iPad, multiple user support. It’s easy on the Mac for someone else to use it without the fear something of yours will be deleted. Having multiple log ins for the iPad would be a nice step forward, we can’t all afford to have an iPad per person in the household.

Resizing on screen elements

Using the Mini I’m struck with how much space the dock takes up. Be nice to be able to resize it. Having more flexibility with app icons would be good too, I’d like to be able to review app icons and manipulate the Home Screen a little more.

Multi-window support

I’ve written about this already but when using Zoom for calls the iPad doesn’t let me have multiple windows open for my reference notes. On macOS I can have multiple Apple notes spread around the screen and also have a Zoom call on screen.

What’s the main missing for me?

It’s multi-window support, it’s the main reason I used the Mac so much.

What’s it like being back on iPad?

I didn’t think my MacBook was running too badly considering it’s age but I forgot how slick things run on iPadOS. I’m definitely working quicker on the iPad and apps run much better on my iPad Mini. I’m not in a position to go out and buy a new machine so I’ll be working between the family iMac and the iPad Mini. The only thing I’m missing is the larger screen so if anything makes me upgrade my setup it’ll be that.