The iPad Mini Pro

I’ve been looking at the last minute rumours and my own use case for the iPad these days and I keep coming back to the iPad Mini.

I own the latest generation iPad Mini and use it way more than I did my Pro these days. I love the form factor, weight, the fact it’s got pencil support, the screen and it’s nice having TouchID on a device still.

In terms of performance I see no real difference between it and the Pro that I used to own. It’s fast, does everything I need and has great battery life. Here’s the tasks I use my iPad Mini for

  • Email
  • Task management
  • Web browsing
  • Social media
  • Photo editing
  • As a sketchbook with Apple Pencil
  • Music production, with my guitar plugged into it
  • As a device to learn songs with tablature
  • As a kitchen iPad for recipes

I’ve previously talked about how my MacBook 12″ has become the centre of my computing but the Mini has gotten a lot of use too, only really seeing a bit less since getting my iPhone 11.

What would an iPad Mini Pro look like?

I’m thinking that Apple would effectively shrink the current Air. My thoughts were that we would see

  • TouchID in the power button
  • Squared off sides like the Air/Pro
  • A slightly larger screen
  • The last generation processor (A14)
  • Lightning, not usb-c
  • A £429 price point for 128GB

This isn’t an original thought, there are lots of people I hear from or listened to that feel the same way but as is the case for the iPhone Mini it’s a niche market. If the Mini still sells ok in it’s current form then I can see Apple just leaving it as, which unfortunately I think might be the case.