My macOS setup

Whilst using my MacBook this morning I realised that I had never actually shared my macOS setup, only every my iOS one. I’m not sure if many will find this interesting but I thought I’d share my Mac workflow.

my macOS setup

So, my desktop is pretty clean just quick access to my drive. I use a lot of Finder Favourites to get my to certain places quickly so I don’t need a desktop full of links.

In terms of my most used apps, you can see them all in the dock here. Some are duplicates from my iPhone (Henry habits, iA Writer, Todoist and Tot). I have a VPN enabled all of the time (you can see I’m using ExpressVPN for this). I use a lot of Apple apps, including Calendar, Mail and Notes. Mindnode gets some use but not so much lately. I’m on the old version of Pixelmator, I think you can only get the Pro version now.

I have Garageband there for the podcast and lastly Tweetbot for my social networking.

If you want to know anything please let me know, it’s the first time I’ve shared my Mac setup.