Apple need to be clearer on trade in

I though this story on The Verge detailing several issues with the company Apple uses to deal with its trade in’s very interesting.

There are a few things I wonder

  1. Is this a US only issue?
  2. Do customers think it’s Apple that deals with it?
  3. What about in store?

Is it US only?

As someone that lives outside of the US and has dealt with several trade in’s I don’t have anything bad to say about the company that Apple uses in the UK. Bright star is the name of the company that both Apple and Amazon have been using here. Maybe Apple need to take the article and do some investigations.

Do customers think it’s Apple?

I think this is an easy one to answer and it’s yes. I did a test trade in on the mobile app and nowhere I can see states that a third party deals with the trade in.

Notice they say ‘we’ll’ all over the place in this process, Apple should be a lot clearer here.

The only place I can find this is on their website at the bottom.

It’s the only place I see ‘our partner’.

What about in store?

Obviously in store isn’t preferable right now but when I’ve traded in the past doing it in store was seamless. There’s no third party here you just get a valuation from the member of staff and the money off your device.

Have you had a bad experience here?