What will Apple announce at next weeks event

Apple have finally confirmed the 20th April 2021 as their next event, streamed online as usual and no audience as expected in these times.

I don’t think you can read anything into the invite image aside from the colours. To my eyes this is showing a line of spring colours for maybe watch bands, cases and an iPad Air.

Will we see a new iPad?

I’d say new colours on an Air update and rumours point to an updated Pro, no way this’ll have the colours though. Apple have a view Pro means no new colours. It seems new screen technology is coming to the Pro, which I can’t understand right now but I’m sure it’ll become clear at the event.

As someone that used a 2020 iPad Pro I’m not seeing any hardware updates that would be exciting. For me it’s more about accessories like the Magic keyboard last year, which was and still is an awesome bit of kit.

Will we see new Macs?

The rumours seem to say No. WWDC in June makes more sense for updated Macs.

iOS 14.5

It’s very likely that iOS 14.5 has been delayed because of this announcement, I’d expect it to release on the 20th.

Anything else?

The only things are updated AirPods and AirTags. Maybe, I don’t see a rush for either of these products.

I see this being a low key event with not much new.