Spotify, why are you releasing an in car player?

Spotify announced Car Thing a few days ago for “select Spotify users” but I have no idea why. I can see strategically they want to be in people’s faces as often as possible but is there really a need for this?

All of the cars I’ve owned have been fine for streaming from my phone. Even back when I used Spotify and had a cassette adapter it was always fine, no issues. Moving on from there my next car had an Aux In that I could plug my phone in directly with, again a fine solution. My last car had Apple CarPlay, which was fantastic, no need for something like this.

It seems a vanity play to me, no reason to exist but to get some media coverage and something for the Spotify super fans (do they exist?).

Let me know your thoughts on this one, maybe I’m just not seeing the market.

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