Imagining an M1 based 12″ MacBook

The only portable computer I have these days is the 12″ MacBook, mine is from 2016. I love it, I use it throughout the day and it’s so thin and light I take it pretty much everywhere with me.

The battery still lasts all day, (thankfully) the keyboard is still working and it’s really durable. The only issue is the chip that went into them, they still work ok on Big Sur but app load and occasional stutter in Safari has me thinking about an M1 based MacBook and how it might be my perfect machine. The Air looks great but I really want this exact form factor with the M1, new keyboard (along with touchID) and another USB-C port. One just isn’t enough is you want to plug into monitors.

The PC market is a bit ahead of Apple in terms of thin and light with something like this Lenovo and I’d like to see a new MacBook under 2 lbs, this MacBook is about 2 lbs and I wouldn’t want to go much above that.

The new MacBook Air almost 3 lbs and although light isn’t ‘Air’ compared to my MacBook. I still think that Apple might have a naming issue with a reintroduction of the MacBook and keeping it 12″ and lighter than the Air but it’s a product that I think would be great to have in the line up, especially if they could price it less than the Air.

Would you like to see something lighter than the Air?

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