iPhone OLED vs LCD

I’ve been on the iPhone 11 just over two months having switched from the iPhone 11 Pro that I had been using for the previous year. The main reason behind this change for me was to go back to an LCD screen, I’d been bothered by eye strain from the OLED.

What I thought I would share was the experience of going back to the older technology and if it’s been a downgrade.

There are two things you notice immediately. The first is the backlight of the LCD. As with an OLED TV the OLED on the iPhone doesn’t need to light each individual pixel so if there is black on screen it’s pure black. On the LCD it’s more of a grey, depending on how bright you have your screen. This doesn’t bother me on day to day use on the iPhone like it would on a large TV. If you’re on the fence about it I really wouldn’t worry about it on a screen this small.

Second is the richer colours on images. The iPhone 11 doesn’t look washed out but the colours aren’t as rich. Putting the same image on them both side by side and you’ll see it but the iPhone 11 is no slouch and has one of the best LCD in the business. I think it still looks great.

These potential drawbacks for some though are worth the trade off for me to get a flicker free PWM experience. Using this combined with light mode and my eyes feel a lot better, more rested and I’m glad I made the switch when I did.

My concern now is that maybe this iPhone 11 is the last iPhone I’ll buy considering all of the iPhone 12’s have flickering OLED screens. To be honest though if this is my last iPhone for a while it’s better for the planet and my wallet.