My creative projects

I’ve been doing a lot of planning on my walk this morning thinking about my creative projects, now I’m coming to terms with keeping the blog as a side project. I’ve got a lot of interests and want to scratch those itches too so here is a list of everything I’m working on, I thought it make it easier to follow what I’m up to. I have also cleaned up the menu on the blog to show this a bit more clearly too

  • The blog, will continue to be where I write the majority of my work. I enjoy the easy posting from mobile and whilst there are things I don’t like about WordPress it is the best solution for me right now. Also thanks to my supporters I have been able to pay for another year of business hosting
  • My Star Wars Newsletter – this has started really well and it’s nice to write about one of my other passions in a different format
  • My podcast – this is a relaunch of the home screens podcast
  • Lastly another newsletter about what I’m up to outside of the writing and maybe a bit more behind the scenes on writing a blog – still figuring this one out

Thanks for sticking with my on this creative journey of mine.

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