Giving up trying to make a living with a blog

I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough going trying to support myself with this blog and I’m finally taking the pressure off myself and throwing in the towel of trying to make any sort of a living with it. It might sound defeatist but the realistic view of going all in with Adsense and still running a site I’m happy with has had me beat.

Blogs that make it are either ones that have already been established for a long time and have a large audience and post niche ads (think Carbon ads) or ones that post constantly re-blogging anything related to the field that they are in and including a tonne of ads on each page with the hope people click on them.

I’m on my own writing about what I’m passionate about but I’m not established so places like Carbon rejected me and I’m not turning my site into clickbait with a tonne of ads.

What I’ve realised is that the ad model doesn’t work for small outlets like me that have a wider focus. I’ve earned less than £3 in my couple of months running ads and that’s pretty demoralising.

What I’ve discovered is that I have some great readers that have supported me via donations and that’s really helped me keep the blog going by paying for my hosting – it has fully funded the site itself. This is amazing and I didn’t expect it and now I need to put some food on the table.

I’m going to be making a few changes and post less to this site, putting value into a newsletter that I can really focus on.

At the moment I have hosted this here, no content yet but wanted to share with you as soon as I had these thoughts. I’m also going to be making this a paid subscription (not at first), I know I’ll lose readers but I have to jump into this with both feet and see if it can support me.

Thanks for sticking with me and I appreciate all of those that support me and independent writing.


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