The biggest difference between Apple Music and Spotify

I’ve been testing different music app subscriptions for the last 6 months going between the main three.

  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music Unlimited

What I’ve found is that there’s one difference with Spotify that makes the difference for me – playlist curation.

The available library and costs are pretty much on par between them all but only Spotify has me discovering more new music to listen to. I really like their curated playlists and whilst Apple are doing something similar they seem a bit more random and don’t the songs don’t always match the playlist theme.

After using them all now I feel that Spotify offers the best discovery of them all.

If you just listen to the same library over and over then you can go with whichever app you like the most but if you’re into discovering new music then Spotify is the way to go.

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