Being pleasantly surprised with Apple Photos

It’s a strange thing to be surprised at what some of your existing apps can do but I have lost some faith in the ability for Apple to produce top notch apps in the last few years , well today I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how Apple Photos has been organising my data in the background, specifically around the use of indexing.

I went back and forth between Apple Photos and Google Photos but ultimately for privacy reasons I stuck with Photos and paid my monthly iCloud data to keep it all safe and secure. With this I took on board the fact that Photos would be limited when it came to searching for images.

Today I needed to find a note from a personal training session I did years ago and after failing miserably to find it in Apple Notes (it must have gotten lost somewhere in iCloud with iOS 13 beta) I realised that for it to be there I must have taken a photo of it.

I headed into Photos on my iMac and simply searched for ‘handwriting’ and I was very surprised that it was both a searchable option and that the paper I took from the session was there all ready for me!. I tagged it as a favourite and now I have it again to use.

I so pleased that I found this and it’s a reminder that you shouldn’t completely write off the apps that you use without giving them a good try, something I tend to struggle with.