Why I switched to the iPhone 11

In February 2021 I decided to trade in my iPhone 11 Pro with Apple and get an iPhone 11 instead. To some this sounds strange, like a backwards step but for me it’s been an improvement. I picked up a Product (red) in 128GB directly from the online Apple store.

Screen technology

One of the main reasons I picked up the 11 was to go back to an LCD screen. I’d experienced some eye strain and heard about PWM and wanted to test it out for me. Making this change and switching to light mode (check out this article if you’re using dark mode and have astigmatism like me) and it’s so far so good. My eyes do feel more rested, maybe it’s all in my mind but I know how I feel.

I should also note I always run my screens slightly warmer than the standard setup.

In terms of what I’ve lost I do see the loss of the pure black of the OLED but it’s not bothered me at all. In day to day use I’m seeing no difference in real terms.

Losing the telephoto

To my surprise I’ve not missed the telephoto lens at all. Now I do admit I’m travelling less but I can easily just move forward a bit. I appreciate having the ultra wide lens more.


I didn’t switch for an increase in battery life but the 11 is a champ and beats out the 11 Pro, which was already great.

Screen size increase

Moving to the 11 gave me an increase in screen size to 6.1″ and I thought it would be too big or heavy but to my surprise it’s been great. I’ve adjusted and appreciate the slightly bigger screen. It’s been easier to type on for me at least.


I love having some colour in my technology and this red version looks great but all of the 11 colours are great.


So ultimately these last few are side effects, my main reason was the switch back to an LCD and it’s been a good move for me.

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