The iPhone 11 is still a great buy in 2021

I’ve been thinking a lot about how unimportant new tech is to me these days and having the latest and greatest isn’t something that I need. To me it’s the software that’s most important, I’m more into iOS than the iPhone itself.

That said I feel that after using an iPhone 11 now for a couple of months I’m happy to report that it’s great and runs really well. With the value of my previous 11 Pro 256GB I pretty much straight swapped with Apple for a 128GB iPhone 11. I’ll go into my reasons in another post but for now let’s look at the iPhone 11.

First off don’t let people tell you the screen isn’t good enough, it is. Yes, it’s not OLED (a plus for me) but Apple have the best LCD screens out there. The colours are bright, the text sharp and viewing angles are good. I moved up to this 6.1” screen so it’s a bit bigger and I’m appreciative of it since I bump up the font size. Overall I have no complaints, even being on an OLED since the iPhone X launched I’m good over here on LCD. Whilst it felt big to start I prefer the slightly larger screen now for typing.

Next up the battery life is better than my 11 Pro was it’s all day and more. I’m yet to stress test on big day trips (for obvious reasons right now) but in my testing I’m charging about every 28 hours. I’m on it instead of an iPad these days and it does get used a good deal throughout the day.

Now let’s talk about in hand feel for the iPhone 11 vs Pro. With the matte back on the pro I always felt like I needed it in a case but I haven’t even thought about putting the 11 in one. With the glossy (more grippy) glass back and aluminium rails it’s easy to keep hold of. It’ll slide off the arm of a chair more than a Pro but you shouldn’t be leaving your phone on one anyway. I should point out it’s heavier than the Pro but I got used to it quickly. Weirdly I find it easier to grip and type two handed on than the Pro, I think the extra width helps here.

Performance wise the chip inside the 11 is the same as the Pro and it’s still rapid. It’ll be good running iOS for years to come.

One thing I thought I would miss was the telephoto lens but I’m not. It’s not that much of a zoom anyway so I just move forward a bit. I wasn’t in this camp before I had the 11 but I prefer having the ultra wide as my second lens, you can get more interesting shots. Even if you’re into photography the two lens system of the 11 is going to be fine. The main lens of the 11 is a great camera too, both indoors and outside.

When you look at how much you can save by picking up a refurbished iPhone 11 these days (less than £400) I don’t see why you would need to spend twice as much on something else unless you’re a big Apple fan or have the budget for the latest and greatest. I’m definitely of the opinion you don’t need to upgrade your phone each year both for technical and ethical reasons and using this iPhone 11 has just reinforced that for me.