WordPress losing it’s way for traditional blogging

I’m starting to get concerned about WordPress. I’ve been happily using it for years but the service appears to be pitching to turn itself into a social media platform and it’s putting me off using it. In fact I’m starting to make moves to potentially closing my account.

First up is the block editor. I’ve been wrestling with the WordPress block editor since it was introduced and it seems that if I want to continue using the service I’ll have to use it.

There is no other reason than being user hostile here. Obviously not enough users were using it so they are doing a Facebook tactic here of taking away something and forcing it’s users onto the method they want. Technically there’s no reason not to leave the classic editor around.

Next up is Stories. When stories came into the WordPress app it should have been a red flag. Why does a traditional blogging platform need stories? It’s bad enough seeing apps like LinkedIn trying to use them but WordPress?

Both of these moves have me questioning the senior members of staff at the company and also my use of the service.

Lastly the iOS app isn’t getting the care it needs. There’s these new unwanted features being added but there’s still bugs that I’ve been flagging for years. I’m thinking a huge overhaul of the app is stopping any work to improve these UX changes or bugs. Again this lines up with my thoughts that WordPress are leaving behind bloggers to chase the pipe dream of being a paid social media platform.

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